Virtual Fitness Program? What is it?

Virtual fitness makes it convenient for anyone and everyone to exercise, regardless of their location, fitness level or access to a facility.

People often look at us with a puzzled look when we explain that we specialize in Virtual Fitness.  They become intrigued and then the questions begin. As a member of our crew we thought you may not fully understand what our Virtual Fitness Program is.  Today we are sharing exactly what the program is in a simple bulleted format to make it clear:

  • Weekly Challenges that are designed to help you live a better life
  • Weekly Recipes to help you enjoy whole nutritious foods
  • Membership in our Private Facebook Community where we hold one another accountable and cheer on victories
  • 2 Live Workouts with Mack held in our private membership portal on our website Wednesday’s at 6:30 am ET is a quick 10 – 15 high intensity workout to get your day started and Saturdays at 8:30 am ET 30-45 minutes full body workout.
  • We are currently holding the live workouts via Facebook Group, we are transitioning to our website portal on February 3rd.
  • A written workout on Fridays to help you have variety in your workout routine
  • Members have access to all workout recordings in case they miss a live session
  • In addition you become part of a community that cares about YOU!
  • Below is a  behind the scenes video of one of the workout sessions check it out.

We hope you now have a full understanding of what the program is and encourage you to give it a try. If you have questions about the virtual fitness program feel free to respond to this email.
You can join us by clicking here