The last small step in this months small Steps to Improve Your Health Series: Snack Smart

The last small step in our series:  Snack Smart!

Over the years snacking has come to have somewhat of a bad rep as most foods in the “snack aisle” are junk.

Snacking smart is the way to go.  When shopping for snacks, stay out of the snack aisle … take a u-turn to the produce section.

We have  focused on smart snacking during this holiday season and I have put together some great alternatives for us.  Pictured above is sliced pear and apple with a mixture of walnuts, almonds and raisins.  We enjoyed this snack after our workout with BlakSteel Fitness on Christmas morning.

Snacking is good for you when you make smart choices.

  • Provide Energy
  • Keep you from overeating at meal time
  • Help meet your bodies nutritional needs

The next time you grab a snack ask yourself, ” Is this a smart choice?”.

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