This week’s small step to improve your health: Preparation

The next small step to improve your health on our list is …


How many times have you  found yourself saying something like this :  Oh shoot I forgot to take care of that AGAIN!  

Do you find yourself frustrated and stressed by this?

We have a small step that will allow you to get more done and reduce your stress level.

Prepare for the next day:  Do not go to bed without a plan for the next day.   Grab a pen and paper and write down a simple plan.   On a sheet of paper write the following:

Today I must :

           (example) Today I must  take the time and call Cox and see if I can get better pricing on cable

If time allows today I will:

(example) If time allows today I will also visit a few websites and start planning my
next vacation

Focus on completing one thing for each of the sentences above.   Do not over commit yourself.

Remember, we are preparing for success and reducing stress.

The next morning review your plan and make it a priority in your day.

Please do not get in your own way with this, keep it simple and achievable.   Write the plan and stick to it!

You will feel so good at the end of the week when you look back and see all that you have accomplished.

Take that small step today!