Shop Healthy Be Healthy

Happy Nutrition Month

We want to help you shop healthy  that is why we created the Move With Mack Healthy Shopping List.  

When you download the list you will also have access to the Grocer Insider Secrets video where you will learn how to shop and save, when not to buy produce and much more.

Be sure to download and print your Move With Mack Healthy Shopping List before you head to the store.

On Sunday Morning 3/5  at 6:00 am MT 8:00 am ET Kirsten is going Live on the Move With Mack Facebook Page to discuss how to use the list not only to shop healthy but to create meals on the fly.  If you can’t make it or missed it the Live is replay is available here

What you put in your body has a direct affect on your health.

Shop healthy be healthy!

Get your list today and tune in on Sunday Morning  March 5th at 8:00 am for Kirsten’s Live Broadcast on the Move With Mack Page.

March is Nutrition month and we will be talking nutrition all month long.

Oh and don’t forget to join  the March Session of our Virtual Fitness Program the first workout for March is this Sunday.  Get signed up here