Why You Get in Your Own Way

I have been on my journey to a healthy lifestyle for most of my adult life.

Throughout the years I have repeatedly gotten in my own way.  As of today I am putting a chokehold on this behavior.

If you haven’t gotten in your own way then you may want to skip this post and catch my next one because you probably won’t be able to relate.

In our Virtual Fitness Program private group we made commitments regarding our weight loss for the month of February.

I made a commitment that is very achievable

For the first two weeks I was all in totally focused and committed and doing everything I needed to do to meet my commitment.

Last week I was almost to my goal.

What do I go and do?

Get in my own way!

Does this sound familiar?

Are you wondering why the heck I am telling you this when I am suppose to be here to help you?

Here is why I am telling you this and how I am going to help you and myself.

I am going to be totally honest.  I know why I get in my own way and it may be the same reason you get in your own way.

I allow myself to become secondary.

I was no longer the priority and neither was my commitment (yikes!)

I shared with you that our website crashed last week and I had to rebuild it.   What I didn’t tell you was I became secondary in the process.

I tossed my commitment to myself out the window!

I sat way too many hours straight re-building the website.  I worked until I was exhausted which resulted in poor food choices.

Yes, the site crashed and I pulled an all nighter rebuilding it. It was important that I got it back up as soon as possible.

Honestly, though no life would have been lost had I just put in a few hours went for an evening walk and gotten a good night’s rest.

I could have easily put the final touches on it the next day.

But as the saying goes it’s water under the bridge.

Since you continued to read this until the end I think that means you can relate.

I hope the information that I have shared with you today helps you to recognize when you allow yourself to become secondary so you can choke it out!

If you struggle at times and need help to get out of your own way and be accountable, I recommend that you join our Virtual Fitness Program you can get all of the details here.