If Only I had Known…

How many times have you found yourself saying dag gone it. “If only I had known.”.

You may say it when you get invited to try something that is outside of “your normal” and you decline for no good reason.  Then you run into a friend that shares with you that they tried it and how great it was.

You may say it when you find out someone that you were once close to but for some dumb reason you no longer speak with has suffered silently with illness.

There are so many reasons you may think or say “If only I had known” and the majority of the time these words are an expression of REGRET or an expression of SORROW.

When it comes to YOUR HEALTH we never want you to say, “If only I had known.” We never want to you to REGRET or feel a sense of SORROW about your health.

We cannot cover every health and fitness topics because there is not enough time in our days and truthfully we don’t know it all.

We do our best to provide VALUE to your life through the topics we cover and we encourage you to share the information with others.

We have discovered if you want to eliminate regret and reduce the “I wish I had known(s)” you must:

  • Consistently keep in contact with those we love
  • Consistently practice good eating habits
  • Consistently apply information that has been provided
  • Consistently say Yes to YOU
  • Consistently engage in activities that encourage you to move your body
  • Consistently do the right thing
  • Consistently remain open to new ideas and ways of doing things

When you live your life with consistency obtaining your goals becomes reality.

If you struggle to consistently eat healthy, we encourage you to join our Love Your Veggies Challenge.   

If you are already onboard with the veggie challenge, woot woot, thank you for joining us!

When you consistently eat healthy you reduce your risk for disease. In the challenge you will receive veggie nutrition, selection and preparation tips and tasty recipes which will allow you to consistently add a variety of veggies to your diet.

Join us the challenge starts Saturday, April 1st!

 “It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.” ― Anthony Robbins