Grocery Store Dating Anyone?

For those of you with significant others to do you grocery shop alone or with them?

It’s a sad but true fact that going to the grocery store is actually like a date for us.  Well it really isn’t sad at all.

We are so busy running here and there and working on our many projects that we schedule our grocery shopping and make it a date.

Now that we have our healthy shopping list we actually get in and out of the store a lot faster which allows more time for us after we are done shopping.  I keep printed copies on our refrigerator so all I have to do is grab one and head out the door.

We spend a lot of time laughing and talking while we shop and we have had some great laughs.  On our last trip, there was a young man in his puffy terrycloth bathrobe and slippers walking around like it was normal to shop in a bathrobe.

Mr. Womack always seems to find a senior lady that needs his help getting things down from a higher shelf or help with their cart or bags. I really think it’s their way of flirting with him and some aren’t shy about it LOL.  I’m so blessed to have such a caring husband.

On a recent trip to the store the cashier said, What??? Where’s your husband? He must have been a bad boy you made him stay home today. As I rolled by the next register the cashier said shopping alone today, where’s your husband?  Even they notice that grocery shopping is something we do together.

If you have a pharmacy in your grocery store swing by and see if they have a machine for you to check your numbers.

Yes, grocery shopping can be a major drag but it doesn’t have to be.

Before you head out on your next trip to the grocery store be sure to download and print our healthy shopping list and set out to have some fun while there.

Get your shopping list here

C. Mack & Kirsten

P.S.  Going to the grocery store without a list is a guaranteed way to forget something or spend more than you planned.  69% percent of women say they make a list before going shopping compared to 52% of men.