Virtual Fitness Program? What is it?

Virtual fitness makes it convenient for anyone and everyone to exercise, regardless of their location, fitness level or access to a facility.

People often look at us with a puzzled look when we explain that we specialize in Virtual Fitness.  They become intrigued and then the questions begin. As a member of our crew we thought you may not fully understand what our Virtual Fitness Program is.  Today we are sharing exactly what the program is in a simple bulleted format to make it clear:

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Why You Try and Fail Time and Again

“A man may fail many times but he isn’t a failure until he begins to blame somebody else.”
John Burroughs

We have found that when people make the decision to lose weight and become fit, they’re usually enthusiastic about their new lifestyle. They begin with a fervor and end the program much too soon because they’ve tried to do too much – too fast.

Going overboard at first may also cause injuries. If you know your muscles aren’t ready for an intensive workout, don’t do it. It will cause more problems than you’ll want to deal with.

Plan for small, incremental fitness changes, such as walking a few minutes per day, a couple of times per week – or swim for fitness so it will be easier on your body. One thing to remember when you begin to plan fitness goals is to be very specific.

Don’t just think “get fit” is going to be enough motivation and information to guide you through the long run. Make small changes and when you’re ready move on. Goals should also be carefully planned.

If you’re worn out in the evening hours from working all day, set a goal to get up earlier in the morning to walk or exercise. If your long term goal is to run in a marathon, you’re going to have to plan carefully so you’re up to the challenge when the time comes.

Short term goals lead to the long term goals you desire, so plan them as carefully as the ones you want to eventually reach. By setting realistic short term goals, you’ll find that if you stay committed and consistent, it won’t seem as difficult or overwhelming as it did at first.

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FREE Virtual Fitness Class

We Are Hosting a FREE Virtual Fitness Class

No need to leave the house to get a great workout.

Workout with us from the privacy of your own home.

Join us, it’s as easy as 1,2,3

1.  Grab your water bottle fill it up
2.  Log onto Facebook go to the Move With Mack Facebook Page
3   Workout with us LIVE!

This class is for all fitness levels

When:  Saturday, May 27th
Time:  6:00 am MT/ 9:00 AM ET

The class will be held LIVE on the Move With Mack Facebook Page.

We also have a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT about the Virtual Fitness Program so be sure to set your alarm, grab your water and workout with us Live!

Shop Healthy Be Healthy

Happy Nutrition Month

We want to help you shop healthy  that is why we created the Move With Mack Healthy Shopping List.  

When you download the list you will also have access to the Grocer Insider Secrets video where you will learn how to shop and save, when not to buy produce and much more.

Be sure to download and print your Move With Mack Healthy Shopping List before you head to the store.
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Eliminate Stress With Aerobic Exercise

Although it is impossible to completely eliminate stress, exercise is one of the best ways to help you better manage those stressful situations at work, home, school or in any aspect of your life.

Aerobic exercise keeps you physically and mentally fit, therefore better enabling you to fight dis-ease and de-stress.

Exercise Leads to Improved Endurance Against Stress

It’s been proven that regular exercise enables a person to better manage their stress levels.  A huge benefit is that the stress-busting effects of regular aerobic exercise have been found to have an effect, not only right after the session, but have flowed throughout the whole day.

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