This week’s small step to improve your health: Preparation

The next small step to improve your health on our list is …


How many times have you  found yourself saying something like this :  Oh shoot I forgot to take care of that AGAIN!  

Do you find yourself frustrated and stressed by this?

We have a small step that will allow you to get more done and reduce your stress level.

Prepare for the next day:  Do not go to bed without a plan for the next day.   Grab a pen and paper and write down a simple plan.   On a sheet of paper write the following:

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The Why Behind the Mind Body Soul Health & Fitness Experience Event

Move with Mack along with Networking 360 and the Holistic Referral Network are hosting the Mind Body Soul Health & Fitness on August 26 & 27th at The W Scottsdale Hotel in Old Town Scottsdale, AZ.  Many have asked what made us host this event in the Facebook Live Video below Kirsten shares the “Why” behind the event and it is very close to her heart.  It’s bigger than Move With Mack.  Listen in and learn the true meaning behind the event.


You can purchase your tickets to the event by visiting:

A Special thank you to our Sponsors Gateway Mortgage Scottsdale and Celerion Phoenix for helping us help others.

Own Up To It… Whatever “it” is!

Wow April went so fast!!!

Thank you to all that participated in the Love Your Veggies Challenge.  The Challengers were rock’n it!  If you missed out, the information will be up in the group for a few more weeks. Feel free to join the group and read through all of the great content and recipes that were shared there. Click here to join.   We had great feedback during the challenge and will host another veggie challenge this winter.

We are running a bit behind on our May giveaway as we have been super busy planning for our upcoming Mind Body Soul Health & Fitness Experience event being held August 26-27.  This is going to be a great event you don’t want to miss it!

We are having:

  • Pound Fitness Class
  • Full Body Workout
  • Aroma Yoga
  • Health Leadership Panel Discussion
  • Fitness Fashion Show
  • Health Fitness & Business Expo
  • Healthy Restaurant Walk
  • Rooftop Pool Party
  • Just The Way You Are Body Image Workshop that includes a complimentary photo shoot for attendees

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Grocery Store Dating Anyone?

For those of you with significant others to do you grocery shop alone or with them?

It’s a sad but true fact that going to the grocery store is actually like a date for us.  Well it really isn’t sad at all.

We are so busy running here and there and working on our many projects that we schedule our grocery shopping and make it a date.

Now that we have our healthy shopping list we actually get in and out of the store a lot faster which allows more time for us after we are done shopping.  I keep printed copies on our refrigerator so all I have to do is grab one and head out the door.

We spend a lot of time laughing and talking while we shop and we have had some great laughs.  On our last trip, there was a young man in his puffy terrycloth bathrobe and slippers walking around like it was normal to shop in a bathrobe.
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If Only I had Known…

How many times have you found yourself saying dag gone it. “If only I had known.”.

You may say it when you get invited to try something that is outside of “your normal” and you decline for no good reason.  Then you run into a friend that shares with you that they tried it and how great it was.

You may say it when you find out someone that you were once close to but for some dumb reason you no longer speak with has suffered silently with illness.

There are so many reasons you may think or say “If only I had known” and the majority of the time these words are an expression of REGRET or an expression of SORROW.

When it comes to YOUR HEALTH we never want you to say, “If only I had known.” We never want to you to REGRET or feel a sense of SORROW about your health.

We cannot cover every health and fitness topics because there is not enough time in our days and truthfully we don’t know it all.

We do our best to provide VALUE to your life through the topics we cover and we encourage you to share the information with others.

We have discovered if you want to eliminate regret and reduce the “I wish I had known(s)” you must:

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Do you believe in love at first sight?

I want to share a little of our history with you.

When C. Mack walked in the front door on that cold snowy day in Pittsburgh, PA I instantly knew he would one day be my husband.  It was the weirdest feeling I ever had. My emotions immediately shifted to anger and fear.  I know, not a good reaction but here is why.  I had been single for several years, I was probably in the best physical shape I had ever been in.  I was working an awesome job, I was shopping and lunching on the weekends with my Sister, walking daily, traveling, going to jazzercise class and really enjoying life.

All I could think of was now I am going to have to start answering to someone, my routine was going to change.  Oh brother I’m not ready for this!

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Why You Get in Your Own Way

I have been on my journey to a healthy lifestyle for most of my adult life.

Throughout the years I have repeatedly gotten in my own way.  As of today I am putting a chokehold on this behavior.

If you haven’t gotten in your own way then you may want to skip this post and catch my next one because you probably won’t be able to relate.

In our Virtual Fitness Program private group we made commitments regarding our weight loss for the month of February.

I made a commitment that is very achievable

For the first two weeks I was all in totally focused and committed and doing everything I needed to do to meet my commitment.

Last week I was almost to my goal.

What do I go and do?

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