Do you believe in love at first sight?

I want to share a little of our history with you.

When C. Mack walked in the front door on that cold snowy day in Pittsburgh, PA I instantly knew he would one day be my husband.  It was the weirdest feeling I ever had. My emotions immediately shifted to anger and fear.  I know, not a good reaction but here is why.  I had been single for several years, I was probably in the best physical shape I had ever been in.  I was working an awesome job, I was shopping and lunching on the weekends with my Sister, walking daily, traveling, going to jazzercise class and really enjoying life.

All I could think of was now I am going to have to start answering to someone, my routine was going to change.  Oh brother I’m not ready for this!

When C. Mack walked over and sat at the table next to me my intuition was confirmed yes this would be my husband, even though he was cheering for the Steelers that day and I was cheering for the Browns.

I sat there and ignored him… how rude, but he didn’t stop he kept trying to engage me but I was not having it.  I wasn’t ready yet, I would engage when I was ready because when I did it was going to be for the rest of my life I already knew it!

Long story shorty, we chatted on the phone for a few weeks, C. Mack visited me in Ohio where I lived at the time, we met in Vegas for my 40th birthday and 2 years laterwe eloped to Aruba.

When I look back on the way I treated him the first day we met I feel a little bad but he’s a big boy and he took it like a champ and that is what made him even more attractive to me.

Today, I totally get why I treated him the way I did.

I ignored him on the day that we met because I had finally learned to love me and I feared that he would come into my world and change it all.

Once I learned to love myself God delivered a King to love me.

Not only do I have an awesome husband he is my best friend and business partner.  Together we are on a mission to help others love themselves and to live their best lives.  I would say I am a lucky gal but luck has nothing to do with it.  Love of God, love of myself, love of my husband and love of you has everything to do with it.

I will let C. Mack share his side of the story one day soon.

Oh and by the way, the Browns beat the Steelers that day!

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P.S.  Repeat after me:   Loving myself is essential to my happiness  Image