Why You Get in Your Own Way

I have been on my journey to a healthy lifestyle for most of my adult life.

Throughout the years I have repeatedly gotten in my own way.  As of today I am putting a chokehold on this behavior.

If you haven’t gotten in your own way then you may want to skip this post and catch my next one because you probably won’t be able to relate.

In our Virtual Fitness Program private group we made commitments regarding our weight loss for the month of February.

I made a commitment that is very achievable

For the first two weeks I was all in totally focused and committed and doing everything I needed to do to meet my commitment.

Last week I was almost to my goal.

What do I go and do?

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Eliminate Stress With Aerobic Exercise

Although it is impossible to completely eliminate stress, exercise is one of the best ways to help you better manage those stressful situations at work, home, school or in any aspect of your life.

Aerobic exercise keeps you physically and mentally fit, therefore better enabling you to fight dis-ease and de-stress.

Exercise Leads to Improved Endurance Against Stress

It’s been proven that regular exercise enables a person to better manage their stress levels.  A huge benefit is that the stress-busting effects of regular aerobic exercise have been found to have an effect, not only right after the session, but have flowed throughout the whole day.

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5 Benefits of Cooking

Cook used to be a dirty word in my book…

I never thought I  would enjoy cooking but… I am growing 🙂

In the past as the hunger pangs would set in the first thing I would do was try to figure out what restaurant I was going to visit.  Well all of that has changed.   Now I get excited about what I will cook next.kitchen_cooking_kirsten_womack

For those of you who don’t like to cook hang in there you may never grow to love it.  You may find the tremendous benefits you receive from cooking make it all worthwhile.

If you are new to cooking or just don’t care for it I hope these benefits encourage you to get in the kitchen and get your cook on.

If you are resistant to cooking I recommend you ease into it if you don’t like it try one or 2 meals a week.

Below are 5 benefits that I hope will  help you to embrace cooking:

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