5 Benefits of Cooking

Cook used to be a dirty word in my book…

I never thought I  would enjoy cooking but… I am growing 🙂

In the past as the hunger pangs would set in the first thing I would do was try to figure out what restaurant I was going to visit.  Well all of that has changed.   Now I get excited about what I will cook next.kitchen_cooking_kirsten_womack

For those of you who don’t like to cook hang in there you may never grow to love it.  You may find the tremendous benefits you receive from cooking make it all worthwhile.

If you are new to cooking or just don’t care for it I hope these benefits encourage you to get in the kitchen and get your cook on.

If you are resistant to cooking I recommend you ease into it if you don’t like it try one or 2 meals a week.

Below are 5 benefits that I hope will  help you to embrace cooking:

  1.  Save Money:  We all could stand to put a little money back in our pockets.  Dining out can really add up.According to Money Magazine, As the industry publication Nation’s Restaurant News recently pointed out, federal data shows that average prices for food eaten at home in January actually fell 0.5% year over year.However, the same cannot be said for restaurant prices, which rose an average of 2.7%—notably higher than the overall inflation rate of 1.4%—during this same time span.
  2. Save Calories: When you eat from your own kitchen you have total control of the ingredients and serving sizes.
  3. Know What’s in Your Food:  When you prepare your own dishes you know what’s going into the dishes and you have the option to swap ingredients to reduce calories and make a healthier dish.
  4. Develop Friendships:  Nothing like hosting a small dinner party.  You can actually have great conversation and not feel guilty about taking up a table in the restaurant.  Have friends bring a dish or host a cook off.  When you have people in your home it allows for a deeper connection.
  5. Support Buying Local:  If you want fresh ingredients purchase your produce, eggs and meats from the local farmers market. Not only are you cooking up tasty dishes with fresh ingredients you are helping others sustain their business.

I hope you find these tips helpful and I would like to challenge you to adopt one of the 5 tips.  Please share with me which tip you will adopt by listing it in the comments section below or send me an email at kirsten@movewithmack.com

Happy Cooking My Friends!